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Head of International Relations Office

Mihai Voda
MSc Informatics, PhD Geography
Associate Professor

Dimitrie Cantemir University
Targu Mures
3-5, Bodoni Sandor st,

Office: +40 365801822
Fax: +40 365401125
Mobile:+40 740138777

The Dimitrie Cantemir University Office of International Relations coordinates the international collaboration, is responsible for the university's bilateral agreements and participation in networks and organizations. The office also coordinates and supports international functions and visits. Manages the international visitor program for short-term visitors to the Dimitrie Cantemir University. The international office liaises with key government and non-government agencies and diplomatic missions in Romania and Romanian diplomatic missions abroad.

The Office for International Relations within the Dimitrie Cantemir University of Targu Mures has beyond its goals the implementation of the educational programs supported by the European Commission. The office is preparing the participation of Dimitrie Cantemir University (Erasmus ID code: RO TARGU05) to the The Integrated Lifelong Learning Programme 2007 - 2013.
Dimitrie Cantemir University (DCU) is an innovating university that aims to become better, stronger and more distinguished through its education, research, and the values it promotes. DCU is dedicated to meeting the European standards of education. In this respect one of DCU’s basic objective is to internationalize its academic life through the facilitation and enlargement of transnational cooperation, particularly with European higher education institutions, their students and staff in order to develop a “European dimension” through Erasmus activities and other actions in the context of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) (2007-2013). The European inter-universitary cooperation offered by the LLP promoted by the European Commission and mainly by the Erasmus Programme is an excellent opportunity for DCU to be integrated in the European Area of Higher Education. In this respect, our university’s general strategy and objectives are: to continue to promote modern education and training based on the newest science and technique achievements and to further improve quality assurance; to promote and carry out the objectives of the Erasmus programme and also to fulfill the targets set under the Life Long Learning Programme (LLP); to enhance the number of bilateral agreements already existing between our university and international universities.

Dimitrie Cantemir University hereby agrees to comply with the fundamental principles of Erasmus activities:
1. Mobility shall be carried out only within prior inter-institutional agreements
2. No university fees for tuition, registration, examinations, access to laboratory and library facilities are to be charged to in-coming Erasmus students
3. DCU will fully acknowledge the teaching activities and study periods, including credits according to ECTS. Full recognition shall be given to students for satisfactorily completed activities specified in the compulsory Learning Agreements .
4. to ensure that an academic credit transfer system (ECTS) gives transparency to the recognition procedures
5. to support the integration of visiting Erasmus students in the Institution's activities
6. to provide incoming Erasmus students and their home institutions with transcripts containing full, accurate and timely information at the end of their mobility period abroad
7. to publicize the Erasmus Charter and the related Erasmus Policy Statement of the Institution

Transparency and visibility of Erasmus activities will be ensured and widely promoted by DCU. Information concerning Erasmus activities will be publicised on the DCU website, in the Admission Handbook, the local media, and other printed materials such as posters; student and teacher mobility guides/leaflets will be at the disposal of all students and teaching staff. Erasmus activities will be promoted among students and staff by email and presentations and workshops periodically. DCU embraces the values of knowledge and professionalism, honesty, hard work, cooperation, friendliness, and integrity and fosters an environment in which differences between people are respected and mutual understanding is promoted. Through its location, DCU is a place where students and teachers of both Hungarian and Romanian origin learn and work together. DCU is an Equal opportunities employer and is committed to protect the dignity of all students and staff at the University by eliminating all forms of offensive behavior, and establishing a working and learning environment free from inequality, harassment or aggression, racism and xenophobia in any form. DCU’s policy includes a statement of Equality of Access to all Teaching and Research Programmes irrespective of age, gender, race, disability or social background.
The legislation governing the activity of this office is provided by the Decision of the University's Senate, from February 20, 2008.

Main goals
The establishment and development of the Dimitrie Cantemir University's formal relations with universities and organizations from all over the world

Participation to the European programs for research and education

International Relations
Dimitrie Cantemir University of Targu Mures has bilateral agreements with organizations and universities from Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. We are proud to mention some of our international partners and friends: World Cultural Tourism Association, Centre for Mountain Tourism & Hospitality Studies HNB Garhwal University - Srinagar Garhwal, India, University of Nairobi, Kenya, Riseba University, Latvia. Iringa University, Tanzania, Makerere University, Uganda, The International Ecotourism Society (TIES)

Bilateral agreements and participation at the 2008 World Cultural Tourism Conference
Bilateral agreements and participation
at the 2008 World Cultural Tourism Conference

At the famous Doeksugung Palace
At the famous Doeksugung Palace

Collaboration Protocols in India on Gange`s riverbanks
Collaboration Protocols in India on Gange`s riverbanks

At the Naro Moru Gate in Mount Kenya National Park during the 2007 Research Expedition
At the Naro Moru Gate in Mount Kenya National Park
during the 2007 Research Expedition

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